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Ace Balthazar
Ace Balthazar
Biographical Information
Occupation: Musician
Species: Human (before death)
Ghost (after death)
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Black
Relatives: Unknown
Show Information
Voiced by: Jeff Bennett
Appears in: "Ace Balthazar Lives"

-The Catchphrase of Balthazar
Ace Balthazar is a deceased character that appeared in "Ace Balthazar Lives".


Ace Balthazar was a rock band musician who had an obsession with smashing things, until he died in a bus incident. The Knight was confused as Ace and soon started to become him; he looked like Ace and acted like Ace. The real Ace Balthazar then appeared to confront the Knight and demanded that he gets off the stage at the concert, but soon starts to like him after he smashed a lot of instruments. After this, Ace announces that The Knight is the new Ace Balthazar and hands him a guitar, which Ace soon takes back after he displeases the crowd with his music. He then starts playing the guitar, and the crowd cheers him on along with The Knight's friends.


He wore a white suit, with black boots, black gloves, a black belt with a gold buckle with a black collar with an open chest. He had White hair in a long style, and a scar across his eye. He had a six pack. As a ghost, we was translucent with a green tint, and a green outline, as well as glowing green eyes.


Forming Adrenaline

At some point, Ace Balthazar formed a band with Rick Grant, John Moore, and someone else. This band was known as adrenaline, a heavy metal rock band that eventually came to become very popular. Balthazar, Moore and Grant eventually came to be very rich.


Screenshot (73)

Balthzar 'Crushing' in the Jacuzzi

Ace Balthazar's catchphrase and manner that was so famous was his crushing. He would, on stage, pick up his electric guitar, and 'crush' everything around; -the equipment etc.-. The rest of Adrenaline, on behind the bands (A band documentary) that crushing was his way of life. He crushed in a restaurant, and he crushes in a Jacuzzi. Adrenaline, induced by riches, gained a fancy mansion. They went on tour for their album and he crushed.


Screenshot (74)

Ace Balthazar crushes in the tour van.

Whilst on one tour, while the three other band members are in the back of the tour van, they wonder where Ace is, and it turns out he is in the drivers seat, which they panic at, worrying he is going to crush, and, unfortunately, he did. The van crashes, and topples down to the bottom of the hill, and lands vertically. Whilst Moore and Grant survive, Balthazar perishes in the crash.


Screenshot (75)

"I saw him in my Quesadilla"


Since Balthazar's body was never found in the crash, many began to theorise about him, saying perhaps he survived the crash and went off to flee. Many people think that they've seen him around in the streets, buildings or of course their Quesadillas. In Behind the bands, They were discussing this and showing different people who could be Balthazar.

Screenshot (76)

Sir Gablethorp, one suspect.

Mordecai and Rigby, two workers at a park, while watching behind the bands, notice one person who is in front of what looks like their house, and they realise it is the park and they realise it is the park. They go to him, and he is known to them as "Knight" or "Guy who thinks he is a knight", although his actual name is Sir Gablethorp, a medieval knight who was transported to the future by a magic ring. Because he was a former knight, in the future he tried to be like a knight. After plenty of explaining from Mordecai and Rigby, he finally understands about who Ace Balthazar is and what he did, so after a while they show him to Rick Grant and John Moore, although denied him, not beleiving that he would even be Ace Balthazar. Mordecai's girlfriend, Margaret, and her freind, Eileen, make Gablethorp over to make him look like Balthazar. Now Mordo and Rigs make him practice his crushing. When they bring him to Moore and Grant again, they are impressed, and after seeing his crushing, they decide on a reunion concert.

Life after Death

Screenshot (78)

Ace Balthazar knights Gablethorp

At the concert, Gablethorp (As Ace Balthazar), Rick Grant and John Moore begin to play. However the angry ghost of Balthazar comes down furious with Gablethorp for impersonating him. In anger, Gablethorp crushes, and after seeing him crush, Ace Balthazar is left impressed. He says that that was the best crushing he'd ever seen. So he knights Gablethorp as 'The New Ace Balthzar' However when he plays music he just plays medieval, so The real Ace Balthzar just plays for this one concert.

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