This page is the transcript for "A Skips in Time".

(The episode begins with a tornado warning being heard on the radio)

Announcer: This is an emergency alert. A freak storm is moving towards the city. Citizens are advised to stay in.

Techmo:(Taking pictures) Haha, yes! Wait till the followers of my extreme weather blog see this.

(Through the camera lens,  multiple things are seen flying around the tornado then a hot air balloon comes into view)

Techmo: What the?

(Techmo zooms in and sees a guy in the hot air balloon.)

Techmo: Oh, no.

(Scene goes to the Park and Benson is getting everyone into the basement.)

Benson: (Using megaphone) Okay everybody, this is not a drill. The tornado is gonna hit us in minutes, go, go, go!

Mordecai and Rigby: (Come around the corner) Wait up!

Benson: (Using megaphone) Whoa, you guys actually got the emergency supplies?

Rigby: We got every kind of pizza pouch son!

Mordecai: Pepperoni pizza pouch, sausage pizza pouch, pepperoni sausage pizza pouch.

Benson: All you brought were pizza pouches?!

Mordecai: Well, yeah. Check this out though, tornado ready pizza pouch.

Benson: I'll yell at you later. Now get in!

(The hot air balloon is seen crashing into the trees and the guy is seen falling to the ground)

Benson: Oh my gosh!

(Benson and Rigby run to the guy)

Skips: Hey, what's going on?

Mordecai: Someone just ate it in the trees!

(Mordecai and Skips run to help Benson and Rigby.)

Benson: Lift!

(They lift the guy, bring him into the basement and close the basement doors)

Skips: Spread out, spread out!

(They set the guy down and Mordecai pulls the hat up; it reveals that the guy is a yeti and Skips goes up to him)

Pops: Skips, who is that young rapscalien?

Skips: It's me.

(Everyone gasps and the lights go out; Scene goes to later when the tornado passes and the Park is wrecked from the storm)

Muscle Man: So you're teenage Skips from the 18th century?

Walks: Tis true, but my name is Walks.

Skips: He's from before I changed my name to Skips.

Benson: How did you get here?

Walks: I was with my friend Sampson, and we were engaging in my favourite pastime. Stormchasing.

(A flshback begins with a storm and a tornado is being approached by two hot air balloons.)

Walks: (laughs) What a thril!

Sampson: (drawing the tornado) Wait'll the readers of my bog book see this!

Walks: Sampson! Tis' unfortunate to be your log book, I'm flying closer to the tornado, or my name isn't Walks! Tally ho! (flies into the tornado)

Sampson: Walks, no! You are a novice! (echoes)

(flashback ends)

Walks: "You are a novice!" And that's the last thing I remember.

Skips: I don't know how you're here, but if we don't return you to the past, a whole chain of events will never happen.

Walks: What are you on about?

Skips: In the years after the balloon incident, you change your name, meet some giant baby, yadda yadda yadda, and spoiler alert: you become immortal. If you're here, that never happens. In 24 hours, time is gonna catch up to me and I'll age rapidly and die! (to Mordecai and Rigby) Eh, don't you guys have a time machine?

Rigby: Sure, we had a bunch of 'em. But Mordecai broke 'em over a girl who ended up leaving him.

Mordecai: Hey, it was meutral.

Rigby: That's what they all say.

(Mordecai punches him.)

Rigby (continued): Ow!

(Muscle Man is reading a newspaper.)

Skips: How about you, Muscle Man? You tend to know a guy.

(Muscle Man yawns.)

Muscle Man: Yeah, I know a guy with time machines. He's real good. His dad basically invented 'em.

Benson: Alright, so what are we waiting for?

Muscle Man: You got cash?

Benson: I'll do you one better.

(Benson shows Muscle Man a cheque book.)

Muscle Man: You know who else is easily impressed by cat cheques? My mom! Yes!

(Muscle Man and Fives laugh and hi five. They walk out with Benson)

Skips: Alright! You guys go, we'll keep an eye on Walks.

Walks: This grows tiresome. What's say we have a bit of fun? You there, what do you enjoy doing?

Skips: I like to read.

(He hands Walks a book. It's called Ukkeep and Repair of Phonographs.)

Walks: Ugh. Whatever events led me to be such a bore I hope to never find out.

(He spits on the book and hands it back.)

Mordecai: Hey, lay off! Skips is cool!

Rigby: Yeah, you should see the work he does!

Walks: Work?

Skips: General upkeep, repairs, landscaping, manual labour, helping people around the park.

(Walks suddenly gets up.)

Walks: Helping people? I'll never help people.

(He starts running off.)

Walks (continued): My name is Walks, as in Walks never helps people!

(Skips blocks the doorway.)

Skips: You can't leave!

Walks: Why do you arrest me so?

Skips: If you learn too much about our time, you could alter history.

Walkss: Nonsense.

(He tries to go through, but Skips still blocks him.)

Walks (continued): Release me!

Skips: It's for your own good!

Walks: Ye be not my father!

(He gives up.)

Walks (continued): To think I should turn into you. A doddering old fool with no sense of adventure. I'll never change my name to Skips.

(Skips winces for a bit.)

Skips: It's okay, you can't help being like this. You'll grow out of it one day.

(Walks just spits, shrugging it off. He goes over to Mordecai and Rigby, who are playing a video game.)

Walks: Hey there, chaps. Pray tell, uh, what are doing?

Mordecai: Playing video games.

(He holds up the game called "Hot Air Balloonerz 5000".)

Walks: My word!

(He sits down next to them.)

Mordecai: Yeah, man. Give it a try.

(He gives Walks the controller. Walks starts playing the game.)

Walks: Unbelievable! This it powered by hot air as well?

(Rigby takes out a pizza pouch.)

Rigby: Totally. Here, slam one of these.

(Walks is given the pizza pouch. He opens and begins eating it.)

Walks: Tally-hooooooo! This is the future I can get behind!

(We pan over to Pops and Skips. Skips groans.)

Pops: Are you alright?

(Skips covers his face.)

Skips: Uh, yeah. I'll be fine.

(When he uncovers his face, it has aged. Pops screams at this.)

Skips (continued): What?

(Pops takes out a lollipop and shows it like a mirror. Skips sees his reflection.)

Skips (continued): No, no! The timeline is catching up.

(Muscle Man, Fives and Benson return.)

Muscle Man: No go, bro. Turns out my boy went back in time and bumped into his dad, and then his parents never met. I guess he faded from existence or something. You know how it goes.

Pops: Now what do we do?

(Mordecai and Rigby appear through the hallway.)

Mordecai: We've got some ideas.

Rigby: Yeah, we can order one. It only takes six weeks to ship. Or was is six months?

Mordecai: I've heard good thing about the Bermuda Triangle.

Skips: No, no! The only way is to catch up to the storm. Send him back the way he came.

Rigby: I was totally about to suggest that.

Mordecai: Yeah. Let's do that.

Skips: It's impossible without state-of-the-art stormchasing equipment.

Pops: Oh, I've got some.

(He holds it up.)

Skips: No. There's only one person who has what we need, and I don't even know if he still chases storms.

(Techmo opens the door.)

Techmo: Did you see it?

Skips: Techmo!

Walks: Sampson!

Techmo: When I saw the balloon, I knew to come here.

(He replays the scene from the camera on his arm.)

Techmo (continued): Oh no, Skips' balloon. I need to go to the park.

Mordecai: So you know about the tornado?

Techmo: Timenado. I was with Walks when he caught in the 1700s.

(He projects a screen with his eye.)

Techmo (continued): It was the baddest storm we ever chased. And now it's back.

Rigby: You're a technomancer and a storm chaser?

Techmo: Yes.

Rigby: Could you be any cooler?

Techmo: Does having a panini maker in my arm answer your question?

(He reveals it.)

Rigby: Uh huh.

Techmo: There'll be plenty more time to compliment me later. We got a timenado to catch.

Mordecai, Rigby, Skips, Walks and Techmo: Tallyhoooo!

(Cut to outside. Muscle Man, Fives, Thomas, Pops and Benson wave as the Delerean DMC-12 takes off toward the timenado with Mordecai, Rigby, Skips, Walks and Techmo inside.)

Walks: What matter of carriage is this? Where have you hidden the horses?

Mordecai: Uh, it's a secret.

(Behind him and Rigby, Skips' chair turns around. He falls to the ground, stable and still aging.)

Mordecai, Rigby, Techmo and Walks: Skips!

(Mordecai, Rigby and Walks go to him.)

Techmo: Mordecai, I need you to take the console.

(Mordecai does so. Rigby and Walks continue to support him.)

Rigby: Dude, he's fading.

Techmo: Talk to him!

Walks: Uhh, stop dying, you old fool!

(Skips groans.)

Techmo: Uh, Skips, remember when I was possessed by a computer virus, and then we had an epic sledgehammer battle?

(Skips laughs weakly.)

Walks: What? Did that really happen?

Mordecai: How about when you defeated Klorgbane with the Fists of Justice?

Skips: Yeah, that was awesome.

Rigby: Or, or, when you saved our skins by being mind-blowingly heroic? Which is like, every day.

Walks: Huh. Perhaps you aren't as meek as I thought.

(He pats Skips.)

Walks (continued): Eh, nice work.

(Skips smiles and closes his eyes. Mordo is looking through the radar.)

Mordecai: Techmo, it's moving into delta quadrant!

Techmo: Roger.

(He takes a right turn.)

Techmo (continued): Talk to me.

Mordecai: North east!

(Techmo drives off the road and on the shore. Rigby, Skips and Walks scream. Techmo eventually gets back onto the road.)

Techmo: Timenado visual confirmed!

Mordecai, Rigby, Skips and Walks: Whooooaaa.

(They approach the timenado. We see a closeup of it, panning from bottom to top. Many objects are revolving around the timenado. Techmo swerves his car as some objects nearly hit him. It is now ahead of the timenado.)

Techmo: Proceed with Phase 2.

(Mordecai pushes a button, causing the car's boot to burst open, revealing a hot-air balloon. The sunroof is also open.)

Techmo: Alright, Walks! Once you're in your balloon, Mordo and Rigs'll ease you into the core of the timenado! You'll find a portal home there!

(As Techmo says this, Walks listens while Mordecai and Rigby put up a ladder for the balloon, the former climbing up through the sunroof. Walks approaches the near-ending Skips.)

Walks: Skips, I can tell that living our life will be the greatest adventure of all, But I'm still not changing m name.

Skips: You just gotta...(inhales) meet the right girl.

(Walks smiles and pats Skips before heading off. He bumps into a box of pizza pouches that tumble out. He licks his lips at the sight. Cut to Mordecai and Rigby at the balloon. Walks comes climbing through the sunroof.)

Mordecai: Walks! What took ya?

Walks: Nothin'!

(He runs into the hot air balloon, his arm over his jacket. Mordecai notices this.)

Mordecai: Hey! Do you have something under your jacket?

Walks: Art thou a judge? Am I on trial here?

(A pizza pouch falls out of his jacket. Rigby gasps.)

Rigby: Dude! Our pizza pouches!

(Mordecai and Rigby jump intto the balloon. Rigby puts down the control.)

Mordecai: Hand 'em over and nobody gets-

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