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This article is about the episode. For the Baby Duck characters, click here.

"A Bunch of Baby Ducks"
Season 2, Episode 23
A bunch of baby ducks title card
Production code: 223
Premiere date: June 6, 2011
Directed by: Mike Roth
Written &
storyboarded by:
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"The Night Owl"
"More Smarter"

"A Bunch of Baby Ducks" is the twenty-third episode of the second season of Regular Show. It is the thirty-fifth episode overall, and premiered on June 6, 2011.


Baby ducks become attached to Rigby, and start imitating his behavior.


When Mordecai and Rigby are cleaning trash by the fountain Rigby gets upset so Mordecai tells him to drink the hose water so he does but spits it out disgusted he says that it taste's like how Muscle man smells mordecai is about to say something when they discover a group of baby ducks living in it after they drain the water. They brush it off thinking the mother duck will come get them; however, when Rigby is leaving the baby ducks begin to follow him, which Mordecai finds very funny. Benson comes over and asks if they are done cleaning the fountain as he says that they need to find a home for the baby ducks and get back to work.

They take the baby ducks to the coffee shop in response. Margaret and Eileen find the ducks to be very cute after the baby ducks start copying whatever Rigby does. Mordecai tries to get them to take the baby ducks, but Margaret explains that Eileen's allergic to feather and that their apartment complex has a strict "no pets"-policy--Margaret suggests that the guys take the ducklings to a local animal shelter. They were about to give them away until the ducks learn the karate chop on themselves, then they use the skill to attack a dog. After the pitbull incident, the owner of the shelter says,"Those ducks are thugs!" Mordecai says they have to find someone cool to take them, since they think the ducks are amazing so they decide to take a video game break.

The baby ducks defeat Rigby three times in a row. After Benson overhears Mordecai saying maybe they should keep them, Mordecai responds by telling him they will continue looking for a person to keep them. Benson asks if they are done cleaning the fountain, but they are not. He tells them to finish cleaning the fountain and find someone to take the baby ducks. After putting up fliers for the ducks, a duck collector comes over in his truck but Mordecai and Rigby refuse him. They later get a call from the ducklings' mother--Rigby's initially reluctant to give the ducklings back to their, but when Mordecai points out that Rigby can barely take care of himself, they decided to reunite the ducklings with their mother. The mother tells them that she'll come by to get her kids back. The guys then find out that the Duck Collector came and is putting them in his cooler. Mordecai and Rigby run to him, but Mordecai slips in the pool. Then Rigby jumps on his windshield but is thrown on the ground.

Mordecai and Rigby follow him while flying on the baby duck's mother, the former slams through the window of the truck and kicks the duck collector. Rigby jumps in, but the duck collector pushes him with his elbow. Mordecai then punches the duck collector. The truck then rotates, the duck collector then pushes Mordecai away from him. Rigby then smacks the duck collector's head, who then punches Rigby. He then attempts to punch Rigby again. But Mordecai punches the duck collector again and wrestle for the stering wheel. Rigby grabs it and turns it to the right. This causes the truck to crash into the fountain, allowing the ducks to escape; still, the duck collector comes back and kicks Mordecai into a tree. The ducks' mother flies in and tries to stop the collector by pecking at his head, but gets punched to the ground. When Rigby tries to stand up to the collector, he draws a sword from his cane causing the former to whimper in fear. The ducks, seeing their mother and friends in peril, transform into a giant buff man with a duck's head. They karate chop the duck collector in half, causing him to explode.

The ducklings return to normal, and they thank Mordecai and Rigby for reuniting them with their mom and for taking care of them before leaving with their mom. Benson shows up, but Mordecai alerts him since the truck crashed into the fountain. It is completely destroyed, and Benson, who may have seen the entire event, walks away without saying a word to Mordecai and Rigby.


ABOBD credits


  • A flash game based on this episode was released on the Cartoon Network website called, Winging It.

Cultural References

  • The transformation sequence of the Baby Ducks is based off of the Megazord transformation sequences seen in Power Rangers.
  • Eileen references the classic Danish folktale "The Ugly Duckling" by asking the baby duck, "Is Rigby mad at you because you're not a beautiful swan yet?"
  • The dog that the baby ducks beat up appears to be a Bull Terrier.


  • It appears that at the end Rigby's facial animation is reversed. Where he's frowning before Benson walks away and then starts smiling as soon as Benson's walking away.


Australian Censorship

  • The phrase "little jerks" is removed from the episode.

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