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2 in the AM PM is one of J.G. Quintel's student films. Some characters in Regular Show are based on concepts from this short.


The short film begins with two clerks working at the gas station at 2:00 AM. The shorter clerk, voiced by Sam Marin, comes off as having a negative personality, muttering in disbelief that they still have to work at this hour. The taller clerk, voiced by J.G. Quintel is more relaxed, and seems to have a brighter outlook on life in general. Tall Clerk convinces Short Clerk that he should have some candy since today is Halloween. Not wanting to do so at first, Short Clerk eventually obliges.

While eating the candy, he notices something is off with it, noting the taste. Tall Clerk nonchalantly tells him that it was because he put drugs in it, specifically marijuana. Upon hearing that, Short Clerk briefly freaks out over it. However, Tall Clerk admits it wasn't really marijuana he put in, but actually acid, which infuriates Short Clerk even further. He soon eventually accepts that he must ride it out, per Tall Clerk's suggestion.

At the same time Short Clerk asks when the acid is supposed to kick in, he immediately morphs into a gumball machine very similar to Benson. As the short progresses, the clerks turn into various characters such as Benson, a fly, Pops, a balloon, dolphins, a polar bear, and Mordecai. While Short Clerk is worried that they can't help people while they're tripping, Tall Clerk reassures him that nobody would come in this late at night.

All of a sudden, the sound of a gas station bell is heard, indicating a car has arrived. The clerks look out the window, only to see a naked guy on his hands and knees by a pump with a car about to inject gasoline into him. Both quickly turn to the two workers, who quickly duck below the counter. Short Clerk once again freaks out, not knowing what to do. But Tall Clerk mentions that if they concentrate on what they're supposed to look like, the effects will wear off faster. With no other choice, the two workers begin to think hard as they could on what they really look like, which finally works.

They hear the door open, and when they rise up from below the counter, they both see a police officer has entered the store. They all exchange fairly awkward pleasantries, but the officer never notices their current states. Paying for chips, he continues to stand and eat them, stating that they were a little stale, but doesn't mind anyway.

He then proceeds to inhale the entirety of the chips and the bag itself, causing a tornado-like wind to fill the station as the clerks scream in terror. The officer then tears his head off and flies out of the store, smashing the door in the process.

The two of them stare in silence on what just transpired, which is then broken when the Tall Clerk asks if the short clerk can "hear that", to which he panics about. But much to his disgust, Tall Clerk farts, revealing that he was just pranking him. Short Clerk, completely fed up, flatly states that he hates him, only for the Tall Clerk to reply "Aw, come on, it's supposed to be fun!"

Character Appearances

  • Tall Clerk
  • Short Clerk
  • Police Officer


  • The title of this short has 2 meanings, it could mean that it's 2 o'clock in the morning while it's still dark out or that there are 2 people in a gas station called AM PM.

Episode Connections

  • The scene where the police officer flew through the glass doors of the gas station was reused for the episode "Benson Be Gone" when Susan, Benson's replacement, flies out of the house in a similar fashion.
  • The scene where the Tall Clerk asks the Short Clerk if he heard something and then farts is reused in the half-hour special "Terror Tales Of The Park" where Mordecai does the same thing to Rigby.

Pop Culture References

  • AM PM is the name of a real-life line of gas stations.

Production Notes

  • This short contains much more of a focus on still frames with less full animation.