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"2 in the AM PM"
Short #2
2 in the AM PM short
Premiere date: 2006
Directed by: J.G. Quintel
Written &
storyboarded by:
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"The Naive Man from Lolliland"

2 in the AM PM is one of J.G. Quintel's student films. Some characters in Regular Show are based on concepts from this short. This is the first work of Quintel to be very inappropriate, varying from strong language to sexual themes.


The short film begins with two clerks, presumably the cartoon versions of J.G. Quintel and Sam Marin, working at the gas station. It is suggested that it takes place on Halloween at 2 AM. The shorter clerk, voiced by Sam Marin, comes off as having a negative personality, and is heard in the beginning saying "Two more hours... Fuck! " referring to time that they still have to work. The taller clerk, voiced by J.G. Quintel is much more relaxed, and seems to have a brighter outlook on life in general. He indicates it is Halloween, and tries to convince his fellow worker that "you gotta have candy on Halloween. It's Halloween." This is met with an "eh", by Sam. Eventually, though, he is convinced to have a piece of candy with Quintel.

While eating the candy, Sam says that he thinks there's something wrong with the candy. Quintel thinks for a while, and tells him "Oh, yeah yeah, that's because I put... drugs in it." Sam asks what drug is in the candy. Quintel responds "It's just a little marijuana, it's just a little marijuana." After Sam's brief freak out, Quintel thinks for a minute, and says "Oh no wait, haha! Don't worry, dude. I didn't put any weed in this candy. It was acid!" Sam gets even angrier and yells "What? Acid! What the fuck is wrong with you?!", but soon eventually accepts that he must just ride it out, per Quintel's suggestion.

Sam asks when it is supposed to kick in. At this moment, we see him morph into a gumball machine very similar to Benson, which is met by Quintel's response; "Right fuckin' now!" Sam looks in a mirror behind the desk, and is in disbelief that he turned into a gumball machine. As the short progresses, Quintel and Sam turn into various characters such as Benson, a fly, Pops, a balloon, dolphins, a polar bear, and Mordecai. Sam is worried because he feels that they can't help people when they're tripping. Quintel's response to this is a calm "Yeah we can...'s two in the morning, nobody's comin' in for gas right now, okay?"

At this moment, we hear the sound of a gas station bell, indicating a car has arrived. Sam and Quintel look out the window, only to see a naked guy on his hands and knees by a pump with a car about to inject gasoline in his butt. Both the man and the car quickly turn to the two workers, which causes them to duck below the counter. Quintel tells Sam that if they concentrate on what they're supposed to look like, the effects will wear off faster. They do, and after a quick time lapse, we see them turn back into their normal selves.

They hear the door open, and when they rise up from below the counter, they both see a police officer has entered the store. They all exchange fairly awkward pleasantries, and then the police officer tries to scare them, saying "You two stayin' outta trouble?" He then plays it off as a joke though, saying he just needed some chips as a midnight snack. After paying for the chips, he continues to stand and eat the chips, stating that they were a little stale. When offered new chips, he says "No no, it's fine." He then proceeds to inhale the entirety of the chips and bag, cause a tornado like wind to fill the station, tear his head off and fly out of the store, smashing the door in the process.

Quintel asks Sam "Do you hear that?" "What, what?" Sam asks. Quintel then lets out a very loud fart, and smiles with his mouth open. Sam says "I fucking hate you." Quintel replies "Awe come on, it's supposed to be fun."

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  • This short contains more of a focus on still frames with less full animation.
  • This is the first known work by J.G. Quintel to contain humor based on sexual themes and explicit language.
  • The scene where the police officer flew through the glass doors of the gas station was reused for the episode "Benson Be Gone" where Susan, Benson's replacement, flies out of the house. This was confirmed on Calvin Wong's Formspring.
  • The transformations used in this short are speculated to be reused in "Temp Check" when Doug transforms into Rigby.
  • When J.G. transforms into Mordecai, he is seen wearing a fanny pack much like the one from "The Power" and "But I Have a Receipt", but in the next scene featuring Mordecai, the fanny pack is gone.


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