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This page is the transcript for "150 Piece Kit".

(Episode starts with all the park members are sitting on the steps of Pops' house while Benson is announcing at the front.)

Benson: All right, everyone, quiet down. We all got to setup for a band that's playing at the park tonight.

(Park members chatter)

Mordecai: What band, Benson?

Benson: It's not important.

Mordecai: What's the matter? We only want to know what band.

Benson: Hair to the Throne.

(All park workers except Benson gasp)

Mordecai and Rigby: Hair to the Throne?!

Rigby: One of the greatest living bands to ever live is coming to the Park?!

Muscle Man: This is huge. Hair to the Throne got me though high school.

(All park workers except Benson get psyched talking about it)

Mordecai: You got to tell us everything!

Rigby: Yeah! Do we get to meet them?

Muscle Man: How about backstage passes?

Mordecai: Are they gonna play the sweet drum solo off their first album?

Rigby: The most epic drum solo in history.

Mordecai: You've heard it, right?

Rigby: I guess you're kind of out of touch, huh?

(Benson turns red)

Mordecai: Don't worry. You can totally borrow my --

Benson: Oh, I've heard it because it was me! I performed that drum solo!

(After a short pause, Mordecai and Rigby laugh)

Mordecai: Get real, Benson.

Rigby: Yeah, we know you used to be in a band or whatever, but there's no way you played that solo.

Benson: Oh, just because I'm some lame, old park manager, I can't do it?

Mordecai: (scoffs) Yeah. That solo features a hundred and fifty pieces of percussion.

Skips: It's too advanced for anyone to play.

Benson: It is not!

Rigby: It's dangerous for a person to play. I heard some guy in Denmark tried, (he raises his arms) and his skeleton caught on fire! (Mordecai nods.)

Benson: How about I play the solo then?

Mordecai: What?

Benson: That's right. If you want to hear some real drumming and not some artificial garbage, I'll be performing the legendary solo right before the concert.

(The band's bus shows up, and a bunch of screaming fans are running towards it. All park workers, except Benson, run to the bus as well.)

Rigby: Oh, look, they're here!

Benson: UGH!

Muscle Man: Out of the way, losers. (He pushes fans out of the way)

(The park workers approach the band.)

Oggy: You must be the park workers.

Rigby: Yeah, dude.

Mordecai: Of course, we know you guys. Gunner Von Strauss, lead guitar. Oggy Ogostrom, lead vocals. The bass player. (The bass player frowns.)

Rigby: But where's the-- (He gasps as some sort of a machine comes out of the bus.) No way! The Drumotron VI! (He says it as the letters V-I and not the Roman numeral six.)

Mordecai, Rigby, Skips, Pops, Muscle Man, and Hi Five Ghost: Ooh!

(The Drumotron VI performs a drum fill)

Skips: That was the most realistic drum fill I've ever heard.

Benson: (scoffs) That fill was a joke. Tell them, Oggy. Tell them the Drumotron is ripping off my solo.

Oggy: (sighs) You never played that drum solo, Benson.

Gunner: The Drumotron VI played that solo -- always has, always will.

Oggy: Anyway, it's impossible to play.

Benson: Yeah? Well, I'm gonna play it before the concert. I'm gonna show the world the truth.

Hair to the Throne: Ooh!

Oggy: Oi, what happened to your hair, Benson?


Oggy: Ha! Yeah, look at this chrome dome.

Benson: Chrome dome?

(The Drumotron VI copies what Benson said and electronically speeds it up. The Park workers are impressed, while Benson is umimpressed.)

Mordecai: Cool.

Gunner: Now, we have a surprise for you lot. We're making you our honorary roadies.

(Everyone except Benson takes backstage passes from the band, excited.)

Rigby: Yeah! This is the best!

(Benson groans)

Gunner: (waves the last pass tauntingly, in a singsong voice) Benson?

(Benson slaps the pass out of Gunner's hand)

Benson: UGH!!! I'M NOT YOUR ROADIE! (to Mordecai and Rigby) Mordecai and Rigby, come on. You're helping me get the rest of my kit.

Mordecai and Rigby: Aw, what? But honorary roadies.

Benson: I'm still your boss. I'm not asking. I'm telling. Now, come on! (walks away)

(Both Mordecai and Rigby groan and follow Benson)

Oggy: (calling) You're making a huge mistake, Benson. You're only gonna embarrass yourself!

(The scene then cuts to Mordecai, Rigby and Benson are at the storage center. Benson opens a garage door to reveal his enormous drum kit.)

Benson: Well, there it is. The 150-piece kit I used to play that solo. Are you clowns even listening to me? (Mordecai and Rigby chuckle, amused by their honorary roadie passes) Oh, come on. It can't be that interesting.

Rigby: (holding the backstage pass) But it's holographic. (He moves the pass, upon which its image changes)

Mordecai: Besides, having a bunch of drums doesn't mean you did the solo.

Benson: Just try and focus. We only have a few hours, and I really need your help.

(Mordecai and Rigby groan)

(Hair to the Throne are doing their soundcheck; Pops and Skips are helping out while the fan girls are admiring the Drumotron VI. Mordecai and Rigby are exhausted while carrying the 150 piece kit to the park truck. Muscle Man, Hi Five Ghost, Skips and Pops are admiring the soundcheck and Thomas presses a button to activate the fireworks. Mordecai and Rigby see this in the distance while holding a drum.)

Mordecai and Rigby: Wh-o-o-o-oa!

Benson: Hurry up! We've got a dozen more of these to haul, each one heavier than the last.

Mordecai: Uh, we should probably get going, Benson.

Benson: What?

Rigby: You seem to have this covered.

Mordecai: Yeah, see ya.

(Mordecai and Rigby run away)

Benson: Hey, get back here! (He tosses the hi hat cymbal to the ground) Come back and help me, or you're fired! I can't... do this alone. (sigh)

(Mordecai and Rigby run back to the stage where the Hair to the Throne members are standing.)

Oggy: Oh good, you guys are back. Here to help out?

Mordecai: Yeah, we are.

Oggy: The show's about ready to start. We just need a hand with one thing.

Mordecai: Sure, dude. Anything.

(The Hair to the Throne members chuckle)

Rigby: What's so funny?

(Mordecai shrugs and Rigby and Mordecai chuckle nervously alongside the Hair to the Throne. Scene pans to Benson setting up the 150-piece kit in the park)

Benson: All right. Just a few more trips and my kit will be back to its former glory, and then I'll show them who can play that drum solo.

(Benson drives away to the storage to collect the rest of the kit in the truck. Just as he leaves, Mordecai and Rigby are driving Hair to the Throne with the golf cart and arrive at the 150-piece kit assemblance.)

Mordecai: So, why do you guys want a ride here?

Oggy: No reason.

(Hair to the Throne laugh and Gunner and the Bass Player hold up weapons. Cut to Benson driving in his truck on his way back to the 150-piece kit, imitating drum beats.)

Benson: Yeah! I'll show them. (He gasps as he arrives at the 150-piece kit, which Hair to the Throne is destroying.)

Rigby: Stop!

Mordecai: You guys are supposed to be cool!

Oggy: We are cool. That's why we destroyed that loser's drum kit.

Gunner and Bass Player: Ooh!

Mordecai: No way. I don't care how good your first album was. You're just a bunch of jerks.

Oggy: Fine. If that's how you feel, we're officially stripping you of your unofficial roadies status.

(Mordecai and Rigby take off their honorary roadie passes and throw them to the ground.)

Mordecai and Rigby: Fine!

Oggy: Don't bother showing up to the concert. Hair to the Throne, out.

(Hair to the Throne get into the golf cart, drive in circles and drive away. Mordecai and Rigby walk up to Benson)

Mordecai: (sighs) Benson, are you okay?

Rigby: Can you still perform the solo?

Benson: (throws broken drum to ground) Of course I can. But what does it matter if my kit's busted? No one cares I play this thing anyways.

Mordecai: We care. What if we help you fix it?

(Benson smiles. Hair to the Throne are starting their concert, and amongst the audience is Skips, Muscle Man, Hi Five Ghost, Thomas and Pops cheering. During this, Mordecai, Rigby and Benson are fixing, assemlbing and polishing the 150 Piece Kit. Benson puts his sweat band on his head. Scene changes back to the stage.)

Oggy: Are we having a good time, park? (He holds his microphone to the audience, which cheers) And now, playing the most impossible drum solo IN THE WORLD... (Fog fills the stage as a countdown begins.)

Oggy and the audience: Five, four, three, two, one!

Oggy: ...The Drumotron VI! (He points to where the fog has cleared to reveal, instead of the Drumotron VI, just part of Benson's entire 150-piece drum kit.)

(audience gasps)

Audience member: Hey, who's that?

Oggy: Benson?!

(Mordecai and Rigby are seen with the person in charge of the Drumotron VI all tied up to the ground. They nod to Benson, and Benson nods in response.)

Benson: (echoing) Years ago, something was taken from me. And now I stand before you to reclaim it. My name is Benson! And I can play this SOLO!

(Benson activates an arm switch and presses a fire button)

Oggy: What the...?

(A buzzer sounds. The surroundings in front of Benson explode throwing the Hair to the Throne members from their places. The rest of the 150 Piece Kit is revealed rising from the ground.)

Thomas: Whoa.

(Benson spins drum sticks in his hands)

Oggy: No! If anyone finds out that he can play this drum solo, we're ruined! (Benson commences his 150-piece drum kit solo.) Stop him!

(Gunner and the Bass Player run up to Oggy; the three go forth to attack the 150-piece kit, but Mordecai and Rigby block the way. Skips, Pops, Thomas, Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost are in the front of the audience.)

Skips: He's really doing it.

(The Park members get on stage and fight Hair to the Throne. Benson keeps doing the solo and the audience gasps in amazement and cheer as Benson proceeds onto the next part. The audience chants Benson's name.The top of the Drumotron VI turns into a creature and is approaching the 150-piece kit. The park members are keeping Hair to the Throne down to the ground.)

Mordecai: What the...? (The park members are trying to attack the Drumotron VI but cannot get to it as the Drumotron VI shoots a laser. The Hair to the Throne members punch Skips, Mordecai and Rigby [who were holding the band members down] and get away.) Benson, watch out!

(Benson is still doing the solo. The Drumotron VI runs up to Benson, who is now on fire, and jumps onto a section of the drum kit which Benson has just finished playing and explodes, and Hair to the Throne and the Drumotron VI run up to the 150-piece kit.)

Oggy: Not the MIDI controller!

(Hair to the Throne and the Drumotron VI destroy the sections of the 150 Piece Kit as Benson just finished playing them. Benson gets into a crane lift and is lifted up into the sky. The park members cheer for Benson along with the audience.)

Benson: Clear the way!

(The audience makes way for Benson and the lift. Mordecai and Rigby, who are on stage, gasp. A giant gong detatches from the bottom of the crane lift and bongs onto the floor.)

Mordecai and Rigby: The gong!

Gunner: But that can only mean...

(Benson puts on a safety harness and is lifted higher in the sky)

Oggy: 360-degree ascending sky cage?! (The Bass Player and Gunner scream. Benson is seen in the lift spinning 360 degrees and doing the drum solo) No worries, mate! There's no way you can fit a gamelan on...

(Benson plays the gamelan and Hair to the Throne screams. The Drumotron VI flies up to Benson. The park members run closer to where Benson is and cheer for him.)

Park members: Yeah, Benson!

Rigby: Past the point of no return.

(The Drumotron VI looks down on Benson on top of the lift; the audience chants Benson's name.)

Benson: All right, it's time to finish this. (The Drumotron VI jumps onto Benson's free hand and Benson tries to shake it off. The park members, as well as the members of Hair to The Throne except Oggy are looking shocked. Benson is struggling to shake the Drumotron VI off and Benson's skeleton catches fire.) MY... SKELETON!

(The Drumotron lets go because of the heat and is thrown acrosss the lift. Benson pulls a switch and the lift goes down and the flames grow bigger. The lift hits the gong on the ground and the sound waves it produces are so strong it breaks the lights of the stage and blows the audience away. The audience cheers and chants Benson's name again. The park members run to Benson who is in the ditch the lift made.)

Mordecai: That was amazing!

Rigby: You did it, man! You really did it!

Mordecai: We're sorry for doubting you.

Skips: All of us.

Benson: I told you.

Oggy: Benson, we're sorry, mate. It was pretty uncool of us to throw you out of the band and lie about you. We know that now. You're the heart and soul of the band, Benson. Please, come back.

Benson: No, Oggy. I don't need rock 'n' roll's endless party 'cause the park is my rock, and managing it is my role. (He picks up his clipboard from the floor) Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta get back to work. (He walks away.)

(The park members follow Benson out of the ditch.)

Mordecai: Dude, what the heck, man?

Rigby: I know, right? Working at the park blows.

Mordecai: I guess we'll never understand that guy.

(Benson picks up rubbish and tosses it in the park bin behind him and walks away into the sunrise with the audience standing and making way for Benson.)

(End of 150-Piece Kit)