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This page is the transcript for "1000th Chopper Flight Party".

(Mordecai, CJ, Rigby and Eileen are watching "Mailin it in" on TV. A mailman stealthily delivers mail while dodging a bunch of dogs and a cat. The title screen is then shown)

Mordecai and Rigby: OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!! (Benson walks in, carrying mail)

Benson: Bill......bill......(finds a coupon) oohh, Bedtopia coupon! (he waves it around) Papa needs a new comforter! (winks and makes a clicking noise) You guys got a couple things too (hands Mordecai and Rigby two green envelopes)

Rigby: Man Benson, do that with a little less drama next time. (looks at envelope and passes one to Mordecai)

Mordecai: (takes envelope) Yeah, why can't you be more like the mail guys on T.V.?

Benson: Because....(facepalms) *sigh* (nods) I don't know (walks away)

Mordecai: Woah dude, check it out. (shows front of envelope) A square eeennveloooooppppee!

Eileen: (looks at Rigby's) Hand-caligraphed addresses?! (waves hand by face) Wooooh, things just got fancy in here!

Mordecai: (reading the invitation) Traffic's at a standstill due to a massive back up at the Smith residence.

Rigby: (continues reading the invitation) Some minor congestion is expected at the intersection of cake, fancy sodas, and a good time, as we celebrate the 1000th flight of Chopper 6.

Mordecai: (continues) We're not seeing any delays of an RSVP for you and one guest. (They both look confused, not knowing what its saying)

Rigby: (after a couple seconds) ....OH! It's a party, for Margaret's dad's 1000th ride on Chopper 6!

Eileen: And CJ and I can go too, right guys?! (Mordecai and CJ look worried)

Mordecai: Uuuuuuh......(Mordecai looks at CJ, looking nervous)

CJ: Oh! *clears throat* I promised some friends I'd volunteer at this river clean up thing that day.

Mordecai: Oh, well.......(everyone is silent for a moment)

CJ: (seeming a little frantic)......Just go without me! It sounds like it'll be really fun.

Rigby: OH *sighs in relief* 'Cause if you were there, and Margaret was there....(shudders in disgust) (fastly) Probably a lot less awkward this way-(gets punched by Mordecai) OW! DUDE! I'M NOT SAYING ANYTHING WE DON'T ALREADY KNOW!

CJ: Rigby's right, go, have fun (smiles).

Mordecai: (kind of in disbelief) Really?

CJ: I trust you.

Mordecai: (hugs her, extremely happy) AAAAAAAWWWHH! (pulls away a bit) I'll bring you a piece a' cake from the party for being the coolest girlfriend ever (they kiss)

(Scene cuts to Margaret's parent's house. They party is taking place in the backyard. Darrell and Robby, two of Margaret's cousins, are shown playing with two remote control helicopter toys. They make them collide into one another and they crash on the ground.)

Robby: (shooting and crashing noises while the helicopters crash) Chopper 6 down, Chopper 6 down!

Darrell: Hehehehehe (Then Denise walks by, holding a tray of drinks)

Denise: (scolding) That's not funny kids! (Mordecai, Rigby, and Eileen then walk in through the back gate)

Mordecai: Hi!

Denise: Oh hey guys! Glad you could make it. Ugh, can you believe it?! Margaret's still at work! She might not even make it at all!

Mordecai: (gets happy and smiles) Oooohh, bummer.

Denise: (sternly) You're smiling.

Mordecai: (stops smiling) Sorry, cheek cramp. (Then one of the remote control helicopters, the white one, crashes into the punch bowl)

Denise: (aggravated) Darrell, COME ON! You almost ruined our special order cake here!

Rigby: (The three look down at the cake on the table next to the bowl) That's a cake?!

Mordecai: CJ's gotta see this (He pulls out his phone and takes a picture of it. A second later, Frank can be heard)

Frank: Mordecai!

Mordecai: (looks up) Huh? Mr. Smith! (Frank walks over with Jackie Carmichael. He shakes Mordecai's hand, then gives him a hug. Mordecai is caught off guard by this) awwh..ehh!

Frank: (pulls away) Hahahaha! (pats his back) Want ya to meet my long time partner in the skies, Jackie Carmichael!

Jackie Carmichael: (elbows Frank) What a day, huh? I can't wait to find out who's gonna get that coveted extra seat in the 1000th Chopper flight!

Eileen: Extra seat?

Frank: There's one for my wife, one for my daughter, and one wild card!

Jackie Carmichael: (shrugs) Sure would mean a lot! Even more than the award I won for being the top traffic reporter in the city.

Denise: (pops up behind Frank and holds onto his chest, Jackie looks surprised) Frank has a lot of important people in his life, Jackie. Isn't that right Frank?

Frank: That's true hon. (Jackie gets angry and jealous and walks away) Haven't made up my mind yet about that extra seat.

Rigby: Have you considered your daughter's ex-boyfriend's best friend?

Mordecai: He's not gonna take you Rigby. (to Frank) Sorry. (slowly) Hey, do you mind if I get a piece of cake for CJ?

Frank: CJ?

Rigby: She's Mordecai's new girlfriend. Not totally new, but newer than Margaret. (Mordecai shoots Rigby an angry glare, then looks back at Frank)

Frank: (appears angry) *sigh* (Margaret then shows up through the back gate with the camera crew. She is reporting about her dad's party)

Margaret: Here we are now at the celebration of Frank Smith's 1000th chopper ride. (turns toward the party) Looks like quite a turn out! (Eileen waves at her)

Frank: (arms spread out) Hugbug, you came!

Margaret: (also has arms spread out) 'Course I did! (they hug, then pull apart. Frank's hand is on her shoulder)

Mordecai: Hi Margaret.

Margaret: Hi!

Frank: (Frank puts his other hand on Mordecai's shoulder and brings him in. He's got a mischevious look on his face. Mordecai looks worried) Your friend Mordecai here was just saying he has a new girlfriend named CJ.

Margaret: *scoffs* (looks embarrassed) Dad!

Mordecai: (gets uncomfortable) I, uh, have to go to the bathroom (runs away)

Rigby: Oh no. Dude, wait up! (runs after him)

Frank: ...Got any new hobbies, Eileen?

Eileen: Yeah, I do

(Scene now cuts to Mordecai in the bathroom. He's leaning on the sink, texting CJ. He sends the picture of the cake with the caption "Chopper Cake!". CJ sends back a smiley face, and texts back "River still super dirty but hope party's fun!" and a picture of her with a dirty bra and a disgusted look on her face.)

Mordecai: Hehe, gross. (Then someone knocks on the door, its Rigby)

Rigby: (only his voice is heard) You're being weird, Mordecai!

Mordecai: That's fine.

Rigby: (scene shows Rigby outside the door) Come ooon! You have to come out of the bathroom.

Mordecai: No I don't. Margaret's out there, so if I stay here then I won't mess things up. This is the choice of maturity.

Rigby: (only his voice) What about the cake?

Mordecai: (facepalms) Ugh, the cake. (Looks up and sighs) I'll come out when they cut the cake and then I'll leave.

Rigby: (showing him at the door) That's dumb dude! CJ told you to have fun! Just come out here, and I'll stick by you so nothing happens with Margaret. Then you can grab the cake, and better yet, your dignity. (Mordecai opens the door, Rigby smiles)

Mordecai: You'll stay with me the whole time?

Rigby: Or until you actually have to go to the bathroom.

Mordecai: Thanks Rigby. (Rigby punches Mordecai. Mordecai looks really hurt) AHH! OW! (rubs arm)

Rigby: (frustrated expression) That's payback, for punching me on the couch! Let's go. (they start to walk)

Mordecai: (complaining) That was a really long time ago!

(A montage is then shown, in which Rigby "protects" Mordecai from "pulling a Mordecai". The two are seen talking to John, until they notice Margaret approaching. Rigby quickly eats a plateful of deviled eggs and shoves the plate towards Margaret. Rigby gives her a nervous smile, Margaret looks annoyed and walks away. Mordecai looks sad, while Rigby smirks to Mordecai, then holds his stomach. Next, Mordecai, Rigby, and Eileen are signing their names on the "Happy 1000th Chopper Flight" banner. Margaret is at the end of the table next to Mordecai. She smiles at him, then Mordecai looks at her nervously and looks at Rigby. Rigby quickly draws a line with his marker all the way to Margaret and sticks his rear towards her. She looks disgusted and walks away. Mordecai and Rigby have the same expressions as last time. Finally, Mordecai and Rigby are spinning Eileen around, playing "Pin the Tail on the Chopper". They stop spinning her and she walks towards the poster. Margaret walks behind Mordecai and Rigby, until two of her cousins run into her, causing her to bump into Mordecai. They look at each other, Margaret with an apologetic look and Mordecai with a fake, nervous smile. Rigby looks at them nervously and quickly grabs one of Margaret's cousins and shoves him towards Margaret. Margaret angrily looks at him, but he points towards Rigby. She looks at Rigby, but is too late because Mordecai and Rigby run away. Meanwhile, Eileen successfully pins the tail on the chopper and takes off her blind fold. She happily looks towards Mordecai and Rigby, but seeing that they left, is sad. All she sees is a blurred Margaret. Then the montage ends with Frank about to give a speech)

Frank: *clears throat* I'd like to say a few words before we cut the cake.

Mordecai: (looks at Rigby, both are smiling) Caaake.

Frank: (continues) (slowly) Chopper 6, Chopper 6, Chopper 6. (Normally) How many times have I said those words? Well at least nine hundred and ninety-nine plus the three just now, heh. It's been such an honor to patrol the skies so the people know which highways have less traffic and more car chases, (winks and points at someone) but I couldn't have done it alone.

Jackie Carmichael: (gives a huge smile)

Frank: I'd like to thank my baby girl Margaret, and my beautiful wife Denise (pats chest), for emotionally always being next to me in the Chopper (Margaret and Denise are shown standing next to each other. Jackie is a couple feet behind them, giving an angry expression) (points to the sky) Today I'd like for them to literally be next to me in the Chopper. Everyone else, please grab a slice of cake (gestures towards the cake) and join us in the front yard, while we make history! (Cuts the cake)

(Scene cuts to the front yard, where Margaret and Denise get into the chopper. Jackie is seen desperately getting to Frank, shoving past other people)

Jackie Carmichael: Frank! FRANK! (smiles) Aren't you forgetting somethin'?

Frank: Oh, right! The extra seat, heh. How can I forget?

Jackie Carmichael: (Jackie is so sure its her, that she begins to climb into the chopper) Aw, don't worry about it.

Frank: I reserved this seat for a very special person.

Mordecai: (Scene then shows Mordecai picking out a piece of cake for CJ, with Frank and the chopper in the background) Hmm......oh-(he's cut off by Frank)

Frank: Mordecai! (Mordecai looks surprised)

Jackie Carmichael: (gets off of the chopper).....Mordecai?

Mordecai: (turns towards the chopper) I, uh...

Jackie Carmichael: *scoffs* Nevermind that I won an award and I still don't get respect around here. (mumbling while walking away) These awards don't get anything for me.....(leaves)

Frank: (walks towards Mordecai) Sorry it got heated before. It's hard for me to accept that you and Margaret aren't together.

Mordecai: That's ok.

Frank: NO, it's not ok! You're family least I consider you family. And I always will, whether or not you and Margaret are a couple.

Mordecai: Um...(looks down and sees the cakes are going fast) (slowly) Well...thank you...for that. (Frank then shoves a helmet towards Mordecai) OOF!

Frank: Haha! (puts hand on shoulder, Mordecai looks uncomfortable) Now go grab a piece of cake for your girlfriend JC before it disappears. 'Cause the flight of a lifetime's about to take off! (walks away)

Mordecai: (grabs a piece of cake, Rigby appears, already stuffing his face) Hey Rigby, can I trust you to hold this piece of cake for me without eating it?

Rigby: Dude...(shrugs) its cake!

Mordecai: *sighs* Never mind. (walks to the chopper and goes on it. The chopper takes off. The chopper shakes, causing the cake to almost fall off the plate) (nervously) Woooaah, WOOOAAUUGGH! (he gets icing on his wing) Ugh.

Margaret: (points at the mess) Should've brought a napkin, too huh?

Mordecai: (awkward speaking gibberish) Aaauugghh......

Margaret: (continues) How are things at the Park?

Mordecai: (continues speaking gibberish) (looking all around) Nnnnhh...aaaaOOUUHH! (the open door of the Chopper is shown)

Margaret: (notices the awkwardness) Dude!


Margaret: Why are you being so weird? I know a lot's happened, but I thought we were cool now?

Mordecai: Yeah......(looks down) no, it's still weird.

Margaret: (frustrated) Well what's it gonna take?! (puts hands in air) This is a party! (happier) We're on Chopper 6's THOUSANDTH ride! Can't we just try to have fun like we used to?

Mordecai: Yeah, I guess you're right. (Makes radio noises) We had a six car pile up around Christmas, but now we're not seeing any delays as we make our way north through the clouds.

Mordecai and Margaret: Hahahaha!

Frank: (at the driver's seat) That's some solid traffic reporting son! Where'd ya learn that?

Denise: Aw Frank! (to Mordecai and Margaret) He thinks it takes skill to do what he does.

Mordecai and Margaret: (look at each other) Hahahaha!

(Back on the ground, everyone watches the chopper fly in the air. Rigby and Eileen are standing there, watching as well)

Eileen: (while holding a piece of cake) How long are we supposed to watch it? (Just then CJ shows up)

CJ: Guess I missed the launch? (both face towards her)

Rigby: CJ!

Eileen: Oh cool, you made it! What happened at the river clean up?

CJ: They send us home after someone got chemical burns from the water. (Look around) Where's Mordecai? (Eileen points to the chopper, CJ looks up and sees Mordecai and Margaret laughing together)....Mordecai? (they keep laughing as the chopper flies around in a circle in its one spot)

Mordecai: (looks out and sees CJ on the ground, looking devastated) *gasp* Uhh...I can't be here, I-I gotta hang with CJ. (Tries to take off his seat belt. Margaret looks at him, worried. He takes off his seat belt and stands up) (yelling) CJ! Hi! (the chopper jerks, making Mordecai lose balance and fall on Margaret's lap. CJ gets angry)

CJ: Aw, come on! (turns grey) Did you think I wouldn't find out?! That you could just make a fool of me forever?! (Turns into a full on stormcloud and flies towards the chopper) This is the LAST TIME! (As CJ threatens, the camera crew is recording the whole thing)

Guy: Are you getting this Glen? (They run towards the scene)

CJ: (blows some wind) RRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUGGGHHHHH! (Amongst the chaos, she blows Robby and Darrell's toy helicopters and they're slammed into the camera crew. She continues her rampage, shaking the chopper like crazy) RRRRRRAAAAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!

Mordecai: (Yelling above the wind) CJ, it's not what you think! There was an extra seat!

Frank: (yelling) Is everyone ok back there?!

Denise: (only her voice, painfully hurt, also yelling) We're fine-OOF!

Margaret: (only her voice, yelling) MOM!!

Mordecai: (only his voice, yelling) Woah, are you ok?!

Frank: (presses a bunch of buttons, putting on autopilot and joins the others, angry) What's with your new girlfriend Mordecai?!

Mordecai: (worried) I don't know! I guess we're having another misunderstanding?

Frank: (still angry) No son of mine would bring this to my 1000th Chopper Flight Party!

Mordecai: But I'm not your son!

(CJ starts to shoot lightning and shakes the chopper more. This causes Frank and Denise to fall out of the chopper, holding onto each other)

Frank and Denise: aaaaAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Margaret: (scared and frantic) MOM! DAD! (takes off her seat belt)

Frank: (yelling) You're right to be concerned, Margaret but it's gonna be ok! I'm a professional! (to Denise) Grab your knees hon.

Frank and Denise: MANNONBALL!! (they land in the pool, but look like they have broken bones)

Denise: It really does take skill to do what you do.

Mordecai: (Mordecai and Margaret are still in the Chopper, with CJ still creating her storm. Margaret is calming herself down and taking deep breaths after almost losing her parents) It's ok, they made it.

Margaret: Yeah, but what about us?

(CJ continues to cause trouble. She strikes lightning near the Smith house, and everyone runs away)

Mordecai: CJ, please! (He stumbles and accidentally shoves the cake into Margaret's mouth. CJ gets even MORE angry at this. She shakes the chopper again, which cuts some of a tree. Margaret falls down and grabs an air horn. She then almost falls out of the chopper)

Margaret: AAAHH!!

Mordecai: MARGARET, NOOO! (he then throws the plate and whatever is left of the cake out of the chopper. Margaret grabs onto the chopper's bar with one wing. CJ gets mad because the cake plummets down to the ground)

CJ: (She strikes the chopper with more lightning) RRRRRRRRAAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!




Margaret: (angry) BECAUSE! I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!

Mordecai: (hurt).......You have a boyfriend?

Frank: (disappointed) You have a boyfriend?!

CJ: (slowly realizing) YOU.....have..a boyfriend??

Margaret: (still using air horn) Look! He just showed up!

Del Hanlon: (locks car) Yowsa! Should've grabbed my windbreaker off the sailboat!

Rigby: (amazed) Weekend sports anchor Del Hanlon?!

Del Hanlon: Hey Eileen! (Rigby's surprised he knows Eileen)

Eileen: Hey! (Rigby looks at her, surprised)

Del Hanlon: Heeeeeyy Margaret!

Mordecai: (looks shocked, turns around and shuts his eyes) uuuuggghhh...

Margaret: There's nothing to be upset about here!

CJ: (still in storm cloud mode) you don't....? (She slowly retracts into her normal form) (ashamed) ....Oh no....(covers face)

Mordecai: (flips the switch labeled "auto land" on. The chopper lands, and Margaret gets off)

Margaret: (waves) Hey Del!

Del Hanlon: Margaret (they quickly hug)

Margaret: All the cake's gone, but we still have some snacks.

Del Hanlon: Oooh, that's ok. I don't pollute my body with refined sugar anyway.

Mordecai: (looks at them and half smiles. He picks up what is left of the cake. Soft, mellow music plays) *sighs*

CJ: *sniff*, *soft crying*

Mordecai: ....CJ?

CJ: (slow, depressed tone, has her back to him) I'm not really in the mood for cake, right now.

Mordecai: I'm sorry. I mean, I did what you asked me to do, so.....but then...

CJ: Don't. (Turns towards him) This time it was my fault. Margaret's parents almost died because I freaked out about nothing!

Mordecai: Yeah....that did happen.

CJ: (about to break down) *sniff* I have to go! *sniff* *soft crying*

(Mordecai turns around and watches her go. He is joined by Margaret, Del, Rigby, and Eileen)

Rigby: (gesturing towards the cake) Dude, is it cool if I eat the rest of that? (Mordecai just gives it to him. The soft music keeps playing as the whole mess is shown)

(End of "1000th Chopper Flight Party")