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"1000th Chopper Flight Party" is the twentieth episode of the sixth season of Regular Show. It is the one hundred seventy-third episode overall. It first aired on March 12, 2015.


Mordecai awkwardly attends a party at Margaret's Parent's house, hoping to take a piece of cake for CJ.


The episode starts with Mordecai, Rigby, CJ, and Eileen sitting on the couch watching an episode of "Mailin In It." Just then, Benson enters the room, reading the mail out loud. Benson tells Mordecai and Rigby they have mail and he hands them both a green square envelope. After reading the letters, it is revealed that it is an invitation to the 1000th Chopper Flight Party of Chopper 6. CJ states that she cannot go, because she is volunteering to clean up a river. Mordecai is disappointed but promises her to bring back some cake for her. Rigby says that it's a good thing she isn't coming since Margaret will be there, which prompts Mordecai to punch Rigby for saying it. CJ urges them to go there and have fun, with Mordecai thanking her for being the best girlfriend. After this, they both share a kiss.

The three of them arrive at the party and are welcomed by Margaret's mom, Denise. They learn from her that one special guest will be able to ride the chopper for its 1000th flight. She also states that Margaret might not even show up causing Mordecai to smile at it. But Denise concernedly notices, and Mordecai then apologetically covers it up as a cheek cramp. Frank arrives and immediately greets Mordecai and introduces his co-worker, Jackie Carmichael, who seems to be very determined to be that special flight guest. After an awkward introduction, Mordecai asks Frank if he can have a slice of cake for CJ. After learning that CJ is Mordecai's new girlfriend, Frank seems visibly angered, but he keeps his cool. Margaret arrives at the party with her news crew, which causes Mordecai to get nervous and excuses himself to the bathroom with Rigby following him.

Mordecai texts CJ a picture of the cake while hiding in the bathroom, and CJ sents him the picture of her cleaning the river. Rigby knocks of the door and tells Mordecai to stop acting like this, but Mordecai states he can't screw up if he stays here. Rigby gets annoyed and promises to keep Margaret away from him during the party. Mordecai grudgingly accepts and Rigby punches him for punching him at the beginning of the episode. Rigby tries to protect Mordecai from Margaret by causing trouble around the party as a distraction, which causes more tension and awkwardness between Mordecai and Margaret.

As the cake is about to be cut, Frank delivers a speech about how excited he is about this flight and how one lucky person will ride along on the chopper as it lifts off. Jackie gets cocky and gets on the chopper before Frank can say who the lucky person is, but he gets her off after declaring Mordecai as the lucky guest, causing Mordecai to freak out and grab a slice of cake ready to leave. Before he can try, Frank explains how he was sorry for being a bit rude when he found out Mordecai had a new girlfriend and that he still feels Mordecai is a part of the family. Mordecai refuses to say no for that kindness, and he gets aboard the chopper and it lifts off within a few seconds. Margaret asks general questions while they are on board but Mordecai dodges all of them awkwardly. This upsets Margaret and she scolds him for still being on the whole Christmas incident and states why can't she and Mordecai be friends. Mordecai then lets out a sigh and jokingly pretends to give a report, which causes them to laugh and Margaret's parents to add to it, as the tension is lifted and they start to chat.

Back on the ground, Rigby and Eileen are viewing the chopper in the sky as CJ walks up behind them. Eileen is surprised as CJ explains that as one of the participants got exposed to one of the chemicals dumped in the river, and the clean-up drive had to come to a halt, leaving her free to come to the party. She asks where Mordecai is and they tell her that Mordecai is in the chopper with Margaret. CJ looks closely at the chopper and sees Mordecai and Margaret sitting next to each other and laughing. She becomes upset, getting the wrong impression. Mordecai who is enjoying his chat with Margaret, sees her surprised. CJ turns into a storm-cloud and creates strong winds. Frank and Denise fall out of the chopper, and mannonball into the pool, saving their lives. Mordecai unsuccessfully attempts to calm her down. He also accidentally lands on Margaret's lap, and shoves the piece of cake in Margaret's mouth. CJ's powers grow stronger, and Margaret grabs a megaphone. She slips off of the chopper, hanging onto the chopper's landing grip.

Mordecai tries to save Margaret, so he drops the cake that he has been holding this whole time. This angers CJ more, and her storm causes the chopper to go out of control. Margaret finally gets CJ to calm by shouting that she has a boyfriend, which surprises Mordecai, Frank, and CJ. Del Hanlon (Margaret's boyfriend) then arrives. CJ then calms down reverts into her normal form.

Mordecai hits the auto land button, and the chopper makes it to the ground. Margaret greets her new boyfriend with a hug, greeting him. Mordecai retrieves the small pieces of the cake that he dropped before and approaches CJ, requesting her to have it. CJ however, feeling guilty over what happened, states that she's not in mood and is feels remorseful for not believing him and nearly killing Margaret's parents over a misunderstanding. CJ runs off crying, while Rigby eats the cake meant for CJ as Margaret, Mordecai, Eileen and Del Hanlon watch her leave.


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  • At the end of the episode Margert reveals that she has a new boyfriend which was a recurring theme in Season One and Two. It's also the first time since Season Three that this happened.
    • However, Margaret reveals in "Not Great Double Date" that she lied about Del being her boyfriend so that CJ wouldn't kill her.

Episode Connections[]

  • Mr. Smith and Mordecai have really bonded together since the events of "Family BBQ." Mr. Smith claims that Mordecai is like family and a son to him.