Sugartown is the third comic short story of the Regular Show Comic series by BOOM! Studios written by Rachel Connor

Plot Summary

Mordecai and Rigby are in Pops' House, Rigby being bored that they are staying inside and not going out. Mordecai pretty surely wants to stay, but says that if they did go anywhere, the best place to go would be a "Totally Sweet Knight Banquet", offering Rigby some cool knight armour. Rigby's suspicions are undermined by his reaction to how epic the armour was. Both in Knight attire, Mordecai and Rigby walk down toward the banquet, where Rigby sees his brother Don, speaking with Eileen, which sparks the interest of Rigby. Mordecai lowers the helmet on Rigby's armour, blinding him. After Rigby is mad at Mordecai for blocking his sight, he starts getting excited about eating direbear flesh. He sees Don and Eileen speaking with eachother with balloons, and leave in the car saying "Sugar town, here we come!". Rigby angrily jumps in the car full of balloons, driving away.It crashes, and Mordecai and Rigby fall into a party room, with Benson, Skips, Pops, Margaret, High Five Ghost and Muscle Man. It ends with Don and Eileen giving Rigby sugar.


  • Don and Eileen make major appearances, and Margaret makes a cameo
  • Mordecai's Realm of Darthon cosplay from "But I Have a Receipt" makes an appearance while they're walking to the 'Knight Banquet'


Regular Show Issue 4

Regular Show Volume One

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