Interprete: Thompson Twins
Debut: Emparedado de Queso a la Parrilla
Thompson Twins-Lies

Thompson Twins-Lies

Lies (Mentiras) es una canción interpretada por los Thompson Twi​ns en 1982. Sonó cuando Mordecai y Rigby estaban engañando y mintiendo a unos astronautas por un juego de quién era mejor mintiendo, por lo que los astronautas se reían de todo lo que Mordecai y Rigby decían en el episodio "Emparedado de Queso a la Parrilla".La parte que sale la canción es una parodia al video de la cancion

Letra de la CanciónEditar

You told me you loved me

so i don't understand

why promises are snapped in two

and words are made to bend

(the bigger, the better)

some stolen from japan

collected from around the world,

they'll catch you if they can


lies lies lies yeah

lies lies lies yeah

l''ies lies lies yeah

do i have to catch you out

to know what's on your mind

well, cleopatra died for egypt,

what a waste of time

white ones and red ones

and some you can't disguise

twisted truth and half the news

can't hide it in your eyes

(repeat chorus)

you say you'll try harder

but i think it's just too late

well, the car is revving in the drive,

and i'm not the sort to wait

the bigger, the better

some nicked from old saigon

collected from around the world

love lies on and an and on and on and on and

lies lies lies yeah (they're gonna get you)

lies lies lies yeah (they won't forget you)

lies lies lies yeah (they're gonna get you)

lies lies lies yeah oh you know i know

(repeat chorus)

oh you know i know

(repeat chorus)

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